Drag Queen Bingo for Lifelong


The Drag Queen Bingo has been postponed.  We will be announcing new dates.   We are working with WA Gambling Commission to make our bingo events are in compliance with them.

Visage “Legs” LaRue is back to host Drag Queen Bingo at Chuck’s Hop Shop in Greenwood! It’s Pride season, so get your best rainbow outfits ready and help us raise some money for another fantastic local non-profit!

This time, we’ll be benefiting Lifelong! Lifelong delivers food, housing, and health services to people living with chronic illnesses, including HIV and AIDS.

Tickets will be $20 for your first 5 bingo sheets. There will be at least five rounds, but Visage is known to throw in a couple bonus rounds with special prizes, so we’ll have extra sheets available to purchase day of (1/$5 or 3/$10). All proceeds from ticket sales and extra bingo sheets go to Lifelong!

Link to purchase tickets:


We only have 50 seats and they’re known to sell fast, so get them while you can! There is a Saturday AND a Sunday session, so if one sells out, the other may still be available!

As we procure prizes from various amazing businesses, both beer-related and otherwise, I’ll post pictures of the prizes!

This is a 21+ event.

Barrel Roller Draft List


To close out Seattle Beer Week we’ll be tapping 30 barrel aged beers! If you participated in our Chuck the Puck Up event this year, we encourage you to bring in your taster glass to participate.

Here’s a full list of the beers we’ll be putting on:

Alesong Maestro Barleywine
Alesong Rhino Suit Milk Stout
Block 15 Hypnosis Cognac Barleywine
Breakside Oligarch Candy Cap Stout
Counterbalance BA Russian Imperial Stout
Culmination Multnomah County Stout
Firestone Sucaba Barleywine
Fremont B3K
Fremont Coconut B-Bomb
Fremont Coffee BA Dark Star
Fremont Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb
Fremont Rusty Nail
Fremont Spice Wars KDS
Georgetown Barrel Aged 18LB Porter
Gigantic BA Russian Imperial Stout
Lagunitas Willetized Imperial Stout
Matchless Cherry Matchless Bar
Mazama Rye BA Baltic Porter
Modern Times Monsters Park BA Base
Oskar Blues BA Ten Fidy
Single Hill Jameson Imperial Stout
Single Hill Wine Barrel Saison Blanc
Skookum BA Asesinato Stout
Skookum BA Breakfast Stout
Skookum Barren Wood
Skookum Scary Joy Coconut/Vanilla Brown
Structures Bertha Barleywine
The Bruery Poterie
Varietal When Gravity Fails
Wander Earlybird Imperial Stout

For a full rundown on how the event will work, take a look at our previous blog post. And remember, these beers are high-octane, so plan on walking or getting a ride to be on the safe side. Hope to see everyone there!

IPA Blowout Tap List


We’re revving up for tomorrow’s event: IPA Blowout! This is an event we look forward to every year! 30 draft IPA’s. We put the Hop in Hop Shop for these two days. This year we partnered with Fort George Brewery to produce a rather unique IPA. Weirwood IPA — an India Pale Ale made with precisely one boat load of tropical hops; Ella, Motueka, Citra, and Strata. But the real kicker — this IPA was fermented entirely in freshly emptied Chardonnay barrels. From the wizards at Fort George, “This beer bridges the gap between rich, hefty Hazy IPAs and dry, bitter West Coast IPAs. With an intense fruit aroma and turbid appearance, you might expect a sweet finish. But the restrained bitterness and oak tannins cut through the fruit flavors leaving a balanced IPA. Don’t confuse this with an oak-aged IPA. This beer only spent it’s fermentation inside oak, just long enough to pick up some woody and white grape components.” We’re only getting a few kegs of Weirwood, so we’re going to hold off on doing fills to help share with the masses.

Here’s a full list of the other beers we’ll be putting on:

Cloudburst Slap Bag IPA
Georgetown Bodhizafa IPA
Hellbent Gate City IPA
Matchless/Logsdon Precision Guesswork Farmhouse IPA
Mirage Harp Music IPA
Modern Times Orgonon IPA
Narrows Pastels Sour IPA
Old Schoolhouse Eddy Hopper IPA
pFriem Hazy IIPA
Ravenna Brewer’s Knuckles IPA
Reuben’s Auspicious Sons IIPA
Reuben’s Chucks First Crush IIPA
Reuben’s Nordic Haze Kveik IPA
Seapine Rainbow Suspenders IIPA
Skookum Residew IPA
Skookum Rosier Clouds Milkshake IPA
Standard H-E-Double-Hockeysticks IPA
Stoup Citra IPA
Structures Fuzz IPA
Varietal Gin Rose-hip Pale
Wander Mango Antlers IPA
White Bluffs Beyond the Horizon IPA

We’re also expecting deliveries from both Grains of Wrath and Trap Door on Wednesday. These IPA’s will be tapped as soon as they roll in the door. Grains of Wrath will be bringing their Overkill IPA and Ticklish Warrior IPA, and Trap Door will be bringing Pop Culture IPA, Citra Glowed Up IPA, and Gift Horse IPA.

This event is unlike our other two SBW events. Full pints and crowler/growler fills will be available for many of these beers, and you don’t need to buy in for a tasting glass to participate. It will be all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Roll through for some of our favorite offerings from some truly excellent breweries!

Chuck The Puck Up! Draft List


Greetings fellow Seattle Sour Freaks —

Apologies on the delay for publishing this a few mere hours before our event. Unlike other years, we were receiving kegs up until today… the upshot is we scored some seriously sweet stuffs. Well… less sweet, more sour.

Here’s the list in alphabetical order.

Ale Apothecary — Field Spirits
Alesong Raspberry — Parliament Flanders
Block 15 — Framboise Black
Boulevard — Love Child #9 Sour
Breakside — Bellwether Sour
Cantillon — Geueze
Cascade — Foudre #1
Cascade — Kentucky Peach 2017
Council — Broken Wand Boysenberry
Council — Woofle Dust Apricots
Crooked — Nightmare on Brett Raspberry
Culmination — Kriek Mythology
DeGarde — Kriek Premiere
E9 — Genus Rubus; Golden Raspberry and Black Cherry Sour
Holy Mountain — Call of the Void
Logsdon — Peche ‘n Brett
Logsdon — ZuurPruim
Matchless — Peach & Berry
Mirage — Regolith
Modern Times — Nova Colony
New Belgium — Felix Love
pFriem — Flanders Red Kriek
pFriem — Peche
Stillwater — Action Bronson 7000 Sour
Tilquin — Gueuze
Upright — Barrel Aged Apricot Wit
Upright — Anniversary Saison
Urban Family — Guava Dawn
Urban Family — Vernal Bloom
Wander — Plum Bob Foeder Sour

For a full rundown on how the event will work, take a look at our previous blog post — or simply show up and give yourself the opportunity to find our first hand! It’s edu-tainment! Hope to see all your beaming face in a few days. Pucker up!

Seattle Beer Week 2019 @ Chuck’s 85th

Seattle Beer Week is quickly approaching so it’s time we let you all in on what we have planned for SBW 2019!


As in years past we’re doing our usual SBW line-up:
Chuck The Puck Up!, May 10 & 11
IPA Blowout, May 14 & 15
Barrel Roller, May 17 & 18

On the first day of both Chuck The Puck Up! (CTPU) and Barrel Roller (BR) each beer will have a 1/4 pint price listed. You’ll still need to buy a new Chuck’s-branded glass for $3 (this year’s logo is pretty sweet!), but after that it’s up to you! Just want a couple pours? Cool! Want to try a bunch? That’s cool too! It really couldn’t be simpler!

As in years past, the first day of the CTPU and BR events will be 1/4 pours only. The second day all beers will be open to full pours, flights, and growler fills. IPA Blowout will be business as usual: pints, flights, and growler fills. Each event will feature 30 beers of the chosen style.

That’s enough boring formalities: let’s talk about beer!


Chuck The Puck Up! – May 10 & 11
As always we’re putting together a superstar list of sours from all over the PNW and beyond. We’ve collected sours from the likes of DeGarde, Cascade, Holy Mountain, Mirage, Ale Song, and many more. This is shaping up to be our best sour list yet. For more details and full lists check back here at chucks85th.com.


IPA Blowout – May 14 & 15
Let’s brass tax this one: we’re the Hop Shop. If we didn’t have an event featuring 30 of the best IPAs that we can get our hands on well… you know. It would be bad. So guess it’s good that we have 30 of the best IPAs we can lay our hands on! This year we’ve collaborated with Fort George to create a very special IPA, done in a style they’ve never attempted before! For more details and full lists check back here at chucks85th.com.


Barrel Roller – May 17 & 18
There are few things we love more than a well made barrel aged beer. From saisons to imperial stouts, wine barrels to whiskey barrels, they all get us excited. We test each one of them to make sure they live up to the name Barrel Roller. Our truly selfless dedication has paid off again this year with a list featuring Fremont, Culmination, Skookum, Structures, Modern Times, and a whole host of amazing breweries. At this event it’s all about havin’ that good barrel age. For more details and full lists check back here at chucks85th.com.