IPA Blowout Tap List


We’re revving up for tomorrow’s event: IPA Blowout! This is an event we look forward to every year! 30 draft IPA’s. We put the Hop in Hop Shop for these two days. This year we partnered with Fort George Brewery to produce a rather unique IPA. Weirwood IPA — an India Pale Ale made with precisely one boat load of tropical hops; Ella, Motueka, Citra, and Strata. But the real kicker — this IPA was fermented entirely in freshly emptied Chardonnay barrels. From the wizards at Fort George, “This beer bridges the gap between rich, hefty Hazy IPAs and dry, bitter West Coast IPAs. With an intense fruit aroma and turbid appearance, you might expect a sweet finish. But the restrained bitterness and oak tannins cut through the fruit flavors leaving a balanced IPA. Don’t confuse this with an oak-aged IPA. This beer only spent it’s fermentation inside oak, just long enough to pick up some woody and white grape components.” We’re only getting a few kegs of Weirwood, so we’re going to hold off on doing fills to help share with the masses.

Here’s a full list of the other beers we’ll be putting on:

Cloudburst Slap Bag IPA
Georgetown Bodhizafa IPA
Hellbent Gate City IPA
Matchless/Logsdon Precision Guesswork Farmhouse IPA
Mirage Harp Music IPA
Modern Times Orgonon IPA
Narrows Pastels Sour IPA
Old Schoolhouse Eddy Hopper IPA
pFriem Hazy IIPA
Ravenna Brewer’s Knuckles IPA
Reuben’s Auspicious Sons IIPA
Reuben’s Chucks First Crush IIPA
Reuben’s Nordic Haze Kveik IPA
Seapine Rainbow Suspenders IIPA
Skookum Residew IPA
Skookum Rosier Clouds Milkshake IPA
Standard H-E-Double-Hockeysticks IPA
Stoup Citra IPA
Structures Fuzz IPA
Varietal Gin Rose-hip Pale
Wander Mango Antlers IPA
White Bluffs Beyond the Horizon IPA

We’re also expecting deliveries from both Grains of Wrath and Trap Door on Wednesday. These IPA’s will be tapped as soon as they roll in the door. Grains of Wrath will be bringing their Overkill IPA and Ticklish Warrior IPA, and Trap Door will be bringing Pop Culture IPA, Citra Glowed Up IPA, and Gift Horse IPA.

This event is unlike our other two SBW events. Full pints and crowler/growler fills will be available for many of these beers, and you don’t need to buy in for a tasting glass to participate. It will be all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Roll through for some of our favorite offerings from some truly excellent breweries!

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