Chuck The Puck Up! Draft List


Greetings fellow Seattle Sour Freaks —

Apologies on the delay for publishing this a few mere hours before our event. Unlike other years, we were receiving kegs up until today… the upshot is we scored some seriously sweet stuffs. Well… less sweet, more sour.

Here’s the list in alphabetical order.

Ale Apothecary — Field Spirits
Alesong Raspberry — Parliament Flanders
Block 15 — Framboise Black
Boulevard — Love Child #9 Sour
Breakside — Bellwether Sour
Cantillon — Geueze
Cascade — Foudre #1
Cascade — Kentucky Peach 2017
Council — Broken Wand Boysenberry
Council — Woofle Dust Apricots
Crooked — Nightmare on Brett Raspberry
Culmination — Kriek Mythology
DeGarde — Kriek Premiere
E9 — Genus Rubus; Golden Raspberry and Black Cherry Sour
Holy Mountain — Call of the Void
Logsdon — Peche ‘n Brett
Logsdon — ZuurPruim
Matchless — Peach & Berry
Mirage — Regolith
Modern Times — Nova Colony
New Belgium — Felix Love
pFriem — Flanders Red Kriek
pFriem — Peche
Stillwater — Action Bronson 7000 Sour
Tilquin — Gueuze
Upright — Barrel Aged Apricot Wit
Upright — Anniversary Saison
Urban Family — Guava Dawn
Urban Family — Vernal Bloom
Wander — Plum Bob Foeder Sour

For a full rundown on how the event will work, take a look at our previous blog post — or simply show up and give yourself the opportunity to find our first hand! It’s edu-tainment! Hope to see all your beaming face in a few days. Pucker up!

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