Seattle Beer Week 2019 @ Chuck’s 85th

Seattle Beer Week is quickly approaching so it’s time we let you all in on what we have planned for SBW 2019!


As in years past we’re doing our usual SBW line-up:
Chuck The Puck Up!, May 10 & 11
IPA Blowout, May 14 & 15
Barrel Roller, May 17 & 18

On the first day of both Chuck The Puck Up! (CTPU) and Barrel Roller (BR) each beer will have a 1/4 pint price listed. You’ll still need to buy a new Chuck’s-branded glass for $3 (this year’s logo is pretty sweet!), but after that it’s up to you! Just want a couple pours? Cool! Want to try a bunch? That’s cool too! It really couldn’t be simpler!

As in years past, the first day of the CTPU and BR events will be 1/4 pours only. The second day all beers will be open to full pours, flights, and growler fills. IPA Blowout will be business as usual: pints, flights, and growler fills. Each event will feature 30 beers of the chosen style.

That’s enough boring formalities: let’s talk about beer!


Chuck The Puck Up! – May 10 & 11
As always we’re putting together a superstar list of sours from all over the PNW and beyond. We’ve collected sours from the likes of DeGarde, Cascade, Holy Mountain, Mirage, Ale Song, and many more. This is shaping up to be our best sour list yet. For more details and full lists check back here at


IPA Blowout – May 14 & 15
Let’s brass tax this one: we’re the Hop Shop. If we didn’t have an event featuring 30 of the best IPAs that we can get our hands on well… you know. It would be bad. So guess it’s good that we have 30 of the best IPAs we can lay our hands on! This year we’ve collaborated with Fort George to create a very special IPA, done in a style they’ve never attempted before! For more details and full lists check back here at


Barrel Roller – May 17 & 18
There are few things we love more than a well made barrel aged beer. From saisons to imperial stouts, wine barrels to whiskey barrels, they all get us excited. We test each one of them to make sure they live up to the name Barrel Roller. Our truly selfless dedication has paid off again this year with a list featuring Fremont, Culmination, Skookum, Structures, Modern Times, and a whole host of amazing breweries. At this event it’s all about havin’ that good barrel age. For more details and full lists check back here at



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