Seattle Beer Week Tap Lists

Okay, you’ve all been very good and waited for the full SBW lists* for Chuck The Puck Up! and Barrel Roller. So without any further ado here’s what you’re here for!


Alesong Peche 2017
Almanac Nectarine Cobler Sour 2017
Almanac Blanc Flavor Wheel Sour 2017
Block 15 Pinot Gold 2017
Boneyard Gooze Cruze 2016
Cascade Elderberry Sour 2011
Cascade Strawberry Sour 2012
Cascade The Vine 2013
De Garde Kriek Premiere 2017
E9 The Duel: Cherry/Raspberry 2017
E9 Wild Cascara Brett 2017
Grand Teton Chardonnay Sour 2017
Libertine Get Pitted Peach Wild 2017
Lindeman’s Young Lambic 2015
Lost Abbey Red Poppy 2015
Lost Abbey Red Poppy 2016
Lost Abbey Red Poppy 2017
Matchless Peach & Berry Single Batch Sour 2017
pFriem Frambozen 2017
pFriem Abrikoos 2017
pFriem Flanders Red 2016
pFriem Oude Kriek Sour 2017
Powerhouse POG Wilde Sour 2017
Stillwater Insetto Italian Plumb Sour 2017
The Bruery Sour in the Rye (POG Edition) 2017
The Bruery Train to Beersel Lambic 2017
Urban Family NW Nectar Sour 2017
Urban Family Orchard Reflections Sour 2017
Urban Family Pinot Cuvee Sour 2017
Urban Family Preservation Sour 2017


Bear Republic Baba Yaga Imperial Stout 2017
Block 15 Imagine Belgian Dark 2017
Boneyard Suge Knight 2017
Cloudburst Cease to Amaze 2017
EPIC Big Bad Baptista 2017
Fireston Walker Helldorado Blonde Barleywine 2017
Fireston Walker Anniversary 21 2017
Founders Backwoods Bastard 2017
Fremont Coconut Bbomb 2017
Fremont Bbomb 2017
Fremont Dark Star Spice Wars 2017
Fremont BA Dark Star 2017
Fremont Dark Star Coffee 2017
Fremont Rusty Nail 2017
Holy Mountain Bonne Nuit 2016
Holy Mountain Bourbon King’s Head 2017
Lost Abbey Track 10 2017
Lost Abbey Dead Man’s Game 2017
Lost Abbey Devil Went Down to Georgia Strong 2017
Lost Abbey Angel’s Share 2017
Modern Times Monster’s Park NITRO 2017
Modern Times Devil’s Teeth w/ Pistachio & Coconut 2017
Modern Times Devil’s Teeth 2017
North Coast BA Old Rasputin 2017
pFriem Bourbon Imperial Stout 2017
Skookum Barren Wood Barelywine 2017
St. Archer Coconut Stout 2017
Stoup BA Belgian Dark w/ Raisins 2017
The Bruery Share This OC Stout 2017
Wander Earlybird Breakfast Stout 2017


So there we have it! Chuck’s tested: Chuck’s approved! We’ll be seeing ya’!

*all lists are subject to change/upgrade

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