Seattle Beer Week Lowdown & Sneak Peek

Seeing as Seattle Beer Week is right around the corner, we thought we’d give everyone a little preview of the beers we’ll have for Chuck The Puck Up! and Barrel Roller! We also want to inform everyone on how SBW at Chuck’s 85th will work this year!


If you’ve been to Chuck’s during SBW in the past then you’d know it was all about glasses, tickets, and lots of beer! Well, that’s 2/3 true still. We’ve still got the glasses and the beer, but gone are the days of tickets!

This year each beer for CTPU and BR will have a 1/4 pint price. You’ll still need to buy a new Chuck’s glass (we’ve got new ones with new logos), but after that it’s up to you! Just want a couple pours? Cool! Want to try a bunch? That’s cool too! It really couldn’t be simpler!

As in years past, the first day of the Chuck The Puck Up and Barrel Roller events will be 1/4 pours only. The second day all beers will be open to growler fills. IPA Blowout will be business as usual: pints, flights, and growler fills. Each event will feature 30 beers of the chosen style.

That’s enough dry/formal stuff: let’s talk about beer!

Chuck The Puck Up!: The Sour Beer Event
May 11&12th, 10am-Midnight

Every year we strive to find the best and most desired sour beers for CTPU. The Northwest is a hot bed for sours so this year is shaping up to be another great one. Here’s a little snapshot of what’s coming for Chuck The Puck Up! 2018.

Lost Abbey – Red Poppy (2015 & 2016)
E9 – The Duel Raspberry (2017)
Cascade – Elderberry (2011)
Cascade – The Vine (2013)
Alesong – Peche Sour (2017)

IPA Blowout: The IPA Event
May 15&16th, 10am-Midnight

Let’s brass tax this one: we’re The Hop Shop. If we didn’t have an event featuring 30 of the best IPAs that we can get our hands on well… you know. It would be bad. So guess it’s good that we have 30 of the best IPAs we can lay our hands on! This year we collaborated with Matchless Brewing to make a hazy IPA featuring Citra, Galaxy, and Simcoe hops. It’s called #ProperGlassware, and it’s phenomenal!

Barrel Roller: The Barrel Aged Event 
May 18&19th, 10am-Midnight

What beer style was once rare but has become more commonplace? Barrel aged beers! Everyone’s doing them! But just because everyone’s doing them doesn’t mean they’re all worthy of being on our list. We’ve collected only the best of the best. Here’s a little sneak peek at what’s coming for Barrel Roller 2018.

Boneyard – BA Suge Knight (2017)
Fremont – Dark Star (Spice Wars) (2017)
St. Archer – Coconut Stout (2017)
Modern Times – BA Monsters Park (NITRO) (2017)
Skookum – Barren Wood Barleywine (2017)

Well that just about does it for this round-up! Check back next week for full lists of event beers for Chuck The Puck Up! and Barrel Roller!



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