Call of the Void Sour w/ Holy Mountain Bottle Release at Chuck’s 85th

chucks 8 shirt (1)-1For 8 years Chuck’s Hop Shop in Greenwood has sought to bring you only the best beers we can provide. In that spirit we’ve collaborated with many breweries in the past to bring you unique offerings only available at our location. This year’s anniversary beer is no different.

It is with great pride that we announce this year’s anniversary beer. Call of the Void: a Holy Mountain sour ale collaboration.

Deep and intensely fruity, Call of the Void was born in May of 2017 and aged in oak, then rested on a heavy dose of blackberries and black currants. Finished with brett and bottle conditioned, this beer starts dark and fruity and finishes with a dry, earthy, tart palate.

Now for the information that you all want to know: allotments.

2 bottles per person. Draft will be available, one 8oz pour/person/visit to the bar. Bottles and draft will be available for sale starting at 10am. #onemuleperperson

Now for some courtesy announcements. We are a neighborhood establishment. As such, we do ask that you are respectful of our neighbor’s property. Please do not park in front of any mailboxes, do not walk on any front lawns, and do not park in the parking lots of any area businesses. Please also, no drinking while in line outside of Chuck’s.


#chucks85thanniv #holymountain #fruitedsour #sourbeer

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