Classy Bottleshare Details

We decided on Sunday September 8th from 4:00-7:00pm. RSVP only; bring a limited, rare, or vintage bottle to share with the group. This time we are going to invite 20 guests plus a few of our employees. Employee’s bottles will be judged with the same scrutiny as all of our guests. We are inclined to just have one big tasting group as opposed to two smaller groups. We ask that you bring two 12oz bottles of the same beer, one 22oz bottle or a 750ml bottle. (Extras are welcome, but not required) We remind you that this is a specialty bottle share, so don’t expect us to okay any old shelf beer. Please include your name, what bottle you plan to bring and if you prefer one big group or two smaller groups.

Maintenance and an Upgrade!

Hello Chuckleheads!  This is just a brief notice to let you know that our website might be down and/or a bit wonky on and off over the next few days as we try to change it into a more mobile-friendly format!  Basically we’re aiming to make the taplist and the food truck schedule be the first things you see when you look at the site on a mobile device, instead of having to scroll through all of our posts before you can see them.  So please bear with us, and hopefully the new website will be an improvement!