This Week at Chuck’s, May 27th

Howdy hop shoppers! June is just around the corner, and we’re hoping the weather can make a turn around. Hope to see you guys soon. This is what we have in store for the last week in May.

Wednesday May 29th, we are hosting a good cause charity tasting with Woodchuck Cider and Northwest Harvest. Northwest Harvest has been keeping hungry people fed for over 45 years now through networks of Food Banks, Meal Programs, and High Need Elementary Schools. We will be showcasing the wonderful ciders from our friends at Woodchuck in Vermont. We will have their Granny Smith, Summer, and Pink (which also helps to fight cancer) ciders on tap and available to sample for donations. Come on down and donate to a good cause.

As you know, parking is somewhat difficult in the area. We’d like to take the time to remind you of our prior post (the one right below this one) this week concerning neighborhood parking.  Essentially, our neighbors on the 86th Street and 8th Ave are getting fed up with not being able to find parking near their own home, and are considering asking the city to implement permit parking in the area. We know it is a bit further away, but please try to avoid parking in these areas. Ride your bike or a bus if you can, or park further South or West and walk a little bit longer. Another concern is litter and dog poop. Please clean up after your pet and yourself around our store, keep Greenwood clean!

Here is a list of Food Trucks for the week:

Monday Evening: Now Make Me a Sandwich
Tuesday Evening: Curb Jumper
Wednesday Evening: Streetzeria
Thursday Evening: Caravan Crepes
Friday Afternoon: Evolution Revolution
Friday Evening: Where Ya At Matt
Saturday Afternoon:  Grilled Cheese Experience
Saturday Evening: Fish Basket
Sunday Afternoon: Seattle Biscuit Co
Sunday Evening: Jemil’s Big Easy

Have a safe and Hoppy Memorial Day!


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