This Week at Chuck’s, 4/15

For all those people coming in asking if we really had hops, soon we will be able to answer “yes”. Chuck hired someone to come in, set up, and plant a couple hop vines. If you’ve been sitting outside in our fenced off area, you may have noticed them already. I believe both plants are of the Cascade variety, and I’m not sure how long it will take to be able to harvest them, but we can now officially call ourselves the Hop Shop!

Tuesday the 16th is our monthly Euchre League meeting. There will be beer, fun, and prizes. Stop by at 6:30pm to join the festivities.

Our next tasting event is going to be next week, Wednesday the 24th. We will be hosting Snoqualmie Brewing, and raising money for Child’s Play. Snoqualmie has teamed up with a local honey farm to create a special ale. More info to come next week.

We have decided to open our doors at 10am on Sunday, as opposed to the old 11am opening. This began yesterday, but it felt like the general public did not know about it as we were very lonely. Come on down a bit early on Sunday mornings!

Our food trucks this week are as follows:

Monday evening: Now Make Me a Sandwich
Tuesday evening: Curb Jumper
Wednesday evening: Streetzeria
Thursday evening: Caravan Crepes
Friday morning: Evolution Revolution
Friday evening: Where Ya At Matt
Saturday morning: Box Nature Sushi
Saturday evening: Fish Basket
Sunday morning: Seattle Biscuit Co
Sunday evening: Jemil’s Big Easy

As you can see, Friday morning we have a new food truck joining the mix, and Saturday we have a truck filling in for Grilled Cheese Experience. Evolution Revolution is “American Street Food”. Corn dogs, bacon cheddar tater tots, rabbit quesadilla, and more fill out a pretty exotic and unique menu. Check them out Friday morning!


One Response to “This Week at Chuck’s, 4/15”

  1. Peder (@onepintmore) Says:

    So when the hop flowers are ready will you be live hopping pints in the store?

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