This week at Chuck’s, 3/25

Well despite a brief snow flurry, it appears Spring is here! Come celebrate the gorgeous weather down here at the Hop Shop!

Ever have that inclination to drink a beer you see on the shelf, but don’t feel like paying the corkage fee? Now is your chance! Wednesday the 27th is our corkage free day, corkage fees will be waved on all bottles in the store.

Here is a list of the food trucks we will be having this week:

Monday evening – Now Make Me a Sandwich
Tuesday evening- Curb Jumper
Wednesday evening- Streetzeria
Thursday evening- Caravan Crepes
Friday morning – Falafel Salam
Friday evening – Where Ya At Matt
Saturday morning – Grilled Cheese Experience
Saturday evening – Fish Basket
Sunday morning – Seattle Biscuit Company

We may not have a food truck Sunday evening (it is Easter afterall) so check our facebook for updates if you are curious. Hope to see you this week!

Finally, I was able to convince Chuck it was in his best interest to get expanded cable for Baseball/Soccer season, so come join us for Sounders and Mariners games!


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