This week at Chuck’s, March 11th

Wow, what a busy weekend! Thanks to everyone who decided the place to be on these sunny spring days is Chuck’s! The excitement never stops, I just freed a hummingbird that was stuck in the store. I know beer is nectar to people, but I didn’t realize it was to birds as well…anyway we have a few happenings this week.

Tuesday March 12th is going to be Blockhead Trivia Night. Come on down for fun and prizes! The fun starts at 7:30pm, and space fills up fast, so don’t be afraid to come early to get a spot. Curb Jumper will be outside serving up some tasty food, and we’ve obviously got the beer, so come on down.

Wednesday is our bottleshare event. If you haven’t RSVP’d with us, our space is currently full, but for those who signed up, please show up around 6:30, we will be opening bottles at 7. Now Make Me a Sandwich will be catering.

Friday we will be having TWO FOOD TRUCKS! Falafel Salam will be here for the afternoon, from 11-2, so come on down and give them a try. Where Ya At Matt will be taking over after they leave. Below is a full list of trucks for the week:

Monday evening: Streetzeria
Tuesday evening: Curb Jumper
Wednesday evening: Now Make Me a Sandwich
Thursday evening: Caravan Crepes
Friday afternoon: Falafel Salam
Friday evening: Where Ya At Matt
Saturday afternoon: Grilled Cheese Experience
Saturday evening: Fish Basket
Sunday afternoon: Seattle Biscut Company
Sunday evening: Jemil’s Big Easy

Hope to see you all for St Paddy’s Day, we will be pouring Irish style beer and cider all week to prepare for it, and don’t forget; it’s “Paddy”, not “Patty”. We aren’t celebrating Saint Patricia…


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