This week at Chuck’s, February 25th

Are you from the Midwest? Are you familiar with Euchre? Well come on down to our store on Tuesday the 26th for a Euchre league hosted by one of our regulars. Action starts at 6:30, and 314 Pie will be catering.

Other than that, it’s a pretty slow week at Chucks, so I’ll take the chance to start advertising events further on down.

Our next tasting will be Wednesday March 6th with Pelican brewery raising money for Hunger Intervention. More on that will come in next weeks post.

March 13th we will be hosting a specialty bottle share. Got a bottle of something rare, vintage, or not in Washington distribution that you’ve been dying to crack but haven’t found the opportunity? Now is that chance! Please email to RSVP and let us know what bottle you intend to bring. We remind you that this is a specialty bottle share, so don’t expect us to ok any old bomber you picked up off the shelf before coming. Space will be limited, so email today to RSVP!

For those who have been asking, we are opening a new store! The location will be 20th and Union in the Capitol Hill area. The plan is to make it similar to this location, with ice cream, growler fills, pints for here, bottles to go, and food trucks. Chuck has signed the lease, he owns the keys, it’s just a matter of time now. We’re shooting for an opening around late April, but keep in mind Chuck is a very busy man.

Way on down the road (think May or June) we will be having an imperial stout tasting. It will be on a Wednesday and won’t be one to miss. We will have kegs of all four Yeti variants (Belgian, Oaked, Chocolate, Espresso), plus at least eight other monstrous, thick, rich, black, heavy imperial stouts oozing with flavor. If that doesn’t appeal to you, I’m sure we’ll have an ipa for you to drink as well.

June 5th we will be hosting a home brewers night. We are planning it out far in advance for you to have a chance to whip up a batch for it. Come on in and chat with other home brewers. We encourage you to bring in bottles of something you’re proud of.

Looking forward to seeing you guys this week, cheers!


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