This Week at Chuck’s, February 11th

“Oh yeah!  Life goes on long after Pliny the Elder is gone.” -John Mellencamp

…or something like that.

Yes it’s true, we are having another imperial IPA tasting at Chuck’s this week to say goodbye to Russian River’s Pliny the Elder. We will be showcasing a load of locally available IPA to fill the void in your life that may have been left after Pliny was so suddenly and viciously taken from us. Sadly, we will not have Pliny on tap at this event, or ever again. This event will be begin Wednesday the 13th and we will be offering flights until a majority of the beers are gone.

Tuesday night is our Blockhead Trivia night. The second Tuesday of every month, come join us at 7:30 for fun, prizes, and beer! Test your knowledge by yourself or form a team. $5 per person entry fee, with proceeds going to charity. Bring your friends for a good time!

Our food trucks for the week, and most likely for every week here after are as follows:

Monday night: Now Make me a Sandwich
Tuesday night: 314 Pie
Wednesday night: Streetzeria
Thursday night: Caravan Crepes
Friday night: Where Ya At Matt
Saturday afternoon: Where Ya At Matt
Saturday night: Fish Basket
Sunday afternoon: Seattle Biscuit Co
Sunday night: Jemil’s Big Easy



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