This Week at Chuck’s, January 14th

In case you haven’t heard the news already, Russian River Brewing has now left the great state of Washington, with no intentions of returning any time soon. They cite Washington alcohol distribution laws, and demands at their own brewery for the pull out. The full letter can be read here for those interested. Currently, the only beer we have in stock is Damnation, their Belgian Golden ale. We have it both on tap and in bottles for those interested.

So no, we will never have Pliny again. But why not take the time to expand your palate? There are plenty of other West coast hop bombs to try! We currently have Lagunitas Sucks on tap, a strong, hoppy substitute. Come get that now, as we only have about three kegs left. Of course there is Chuck’s favorite Green Flash Imperial. We try to have it on tap at least once a week, and almost always have 22oz bottles of it. Have you had  Alesmith IPA from San Diego?  No Li’s Jet Star Imperial IPA from Spokane? Dogzilla Black IPA from Laughing Dog Brewing out of Idaho? We have bottles of all of these and more, so come try a few out.

If you stop by on Tuesday the 15th, we will be having yet another new food truck. If you enjoy pie (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t), you should love 314 Piea food truck devoted to serving savory circular succulent dishes. They have dinner pies (Steak and Onion, Macaroni and Cheese) as well as dessert (Caramel Turnover, Walnut Butterscotch), and even pie fries!

There will be no tasting this week, but look for one Wednesday the 23rd next week with Northwest Peaks brewing to raise money for Washington Wild.


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