This Week at Chuck’s, January 7th

You are traveling through another year — a year made up not only of beer and cider but of wine.  A journey into a wondrous brew whose ingredients are that of the imagination. See that?  That’s a signpost up ahead.  Your next stop: the Twilight Zo…Sorry, we mean Chuck’s!*

DOOH Dooh dooh doo DOOH Dooh dooh doo!

A New Year at the Shop means new beer, and we definitely recommend trying something out of your comfort zone to all our loyal drinkers.  Whether it is a bottle of something bright and yeasty like Logsdon’s Seizoen Bretta, big and bold like Ten Barrel’s Rye’m or Treason, or in Green Flash’s Palate Wrecker’s case simply EXPLOSIVE–there is always something new and fun to enjoy while relaxing on this hopefully less apacolyptic 2013.

Speaking of new, this Monday (today) we’ll be featuring a new food truck on our weekly rotation.  We’re talking about none one other than Ryan O’ Tooles’ brand spanking new truck Now Make Me a Sandwichfeaturing such delicacies as his turkey n’ stuffing ‘Thanksgetting’ or his vegetarian ‘BudDHa Call’ with crimini mushrooms, spinach, sweet potato, and Manchego cheese.

What else…:

  • Blockhead Trivia – Trivia night has finally arrived, thanks to a couple of our regulars who have a passion for all things quizzical.  Blockhead Trivia will take place on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, which just so happens to be this week, so make sure to stop by if you can.  Questions will begin to fly at 7:30pm and there is a ‘$5-a-head’ charge for entry, with all funds raised going to the Greenwood Food Bank.  Additionally, there will be prizes for the top two teams and occasional other giveaways.  And unfortunately for those who like to prep, there is no theme and the trivia can come from any nook or crannie of the solar system.  Haitian food-truck Boungu Kenken will be catering.  See you then!
  • Lagers for All – This Wednesday we’ll be featuring around six different lagers that Chuck has hand-picked to try and convince our hop shoppers that ‘ales aren’t where it’s at‘.  We’ve judged that $4 a flight is a bargain to get to prove Chuck wrong.  Or not!  Greg Bye at Streetzeria will be catering with 6″ pizzas that pair well with these crisp beers.
  • Get it while it Sucks – We’re four kegs down and have only eight more left of Lagunita’s Sucks Imperial IPA.  It won’t last long so grab a pint while you can!  You don’t want to be the ONLY person who didn’t get to drink sucky beer, do you?

2013*Intro borrowed and edited from the Twilight Zone.


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