This Week at Chuck’s, December 3rd

December is finally here, and we at the Shop know how to rock it!

That’s why we’re featuring an 8 foot tall inflatable Santa Claus outside the front door.  And you can go ahead and mark this on your calender: Good Ol’ Saint Nick is coming to Chuck’s on Tuesday, December 18th.  He and his merry crew will be available for all of your picture taking needs starting at 4pm for a small fee.  Hey, Santa’s sleigh ain’t exactly fuel efficient.

Storewise, our “double-tall-widescreen-tv taplist” project has been completed and you can now wander into the shop and slowly gaze skyward at our incredible number of beers on draught, with details such as the brewery’s location and ABV ready for your viewing pleasure.  Our brat cooler is back up and running too, and we apologize for any of you that were left out in the cold longing for a hoppy dog last week.

Speaking of dogs, we still have about twenty bottles of Hair of the Dog’s Doggie Claws barley-wine.  We’re still surprised they have lasted this long.  We’ve also fleshed out our catalogue of Widmer Brothers Reserve Series bottles, with our favorite right now being their South by North-West (SXNW).  Remember that delicious spicy chocolate brew Cocoa Molé that New Belgium released earlier this year?  With its mild use of cocoa nibs and green chilies  this offering from WB is much more akin to that than this year’s blazing hot Elysian Peste.  Some might be a little disappointed, but we know a lot of others won’t!  Definitely give it a try.

In other news:

  • Hoppy Holidays! – The astute hop shopper may have noticed that for the past week there has been a shortage of high IBU beverages on draught.  Well no more!  This Wednesday we are having a celebration of hop with some very special guests making an appearance: Green Flash’s 5th Anniversary Imperial IPA, Boneyard’s Hop Venom, Fremont’s Sister IIPA, and possibly even a few surprises…
    Since the Sour Flights were such a success (and some of these kegs have been known to have the life-span of a few hours at the Shop), we’re going to be pushing for everyone to try Imperial IPA Flights to compare and contrast these incredible ales.  Four 4-ounce pours will cost you $6, but the smile on your face afterwards is on the house.  Streetzeria will be available with pizza to bring your taste buds back to earth between sips.
  • Homebrew Night – No, no, it isn’t this week.  But we do want to give a heads up to all you home brewers out there that we will be having some sort of Homebrew event in late February.  Well, what are you waiting for?  Get to the wort already!

See you soon.


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