This Week at Chuck’s, November 26th

Movember is almost over and we’d like to give a hand to all our mustache growing hop-shoppers.  Your sacrifice will not be in vain!

Otherwise, there isn’t a whole lot to report on this week folks, so we’ll just give a brief outline of what to expect going forward.

For one, we WILL be continuing our annual tradition of bringing Santa Claus in for a photo shoot at the Shop for your kids, dogs, or whoever you end up bringing!  Second, after this week we will be suspending Good Cause Beer Tastings until the New Year since so many holidays, vacations, and things-that-cause-people-to-be-busy-in-general will be getting in the way.  In their place we will have a number of beer invasions including Imperial IPAs and Aged Brews!

In other news:

  • Help Ballard help itself.– Compass Housing Alliance is a non-profit originating out of Seattle in 1920 and has grown into being a successful and crucial resource for many neighborhoods.  Their goal is to fight homelessness by providing safe housing and community to individuals and families who are either in hard times or who simply can’t make a living wage.  They are opening a new building in the heart of downtown Ballard called the Nyer Urness House, which is mere blocks from another success story, Hilliard’s Brewing.  They are practically neighbors.
    So, from one neighbor to another, Adam at Hilliard’s will be by this Wednesday between 6 and 8pm to sample out their brews and also to ask for donations to maintain the mission of the Compass Housing Alliance.  And we at Chuck’s, from one neighbor to another, would like to ask Greenwood to give a little to help out our brothers and sisters in need in Ballard.  Plus, there will be a drawing for prizes and pizza by Streetzeria.  You can’t lose!
  • The Goose has landed.  – After a long wait, beers from Chicago brewery Goose Island have finally arrived back at the Shop!  We currently have 22oz bombers of their Belgian Farmhouse-ale Sofie and 12oz bottles of their Belgian Pale Matilda, in addition to having received a few kegs which should be going on tap shortly, like their Honker’s Ale ESB.  Make sure to come by and check out one of the shining beacons of Middle America brewing when they come on draught!
  • Cutting the Cheese – As our usual Friday night food truck continues to experience problems we are going to be changing the weekly rotation a bit.  Watch the food-truck schedule on the right for more details as they come.

Until next time!


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