This Week at Chuck’s, November 12th

From all of us at the Shop, we hope everyone is having a wonderful and reflective Veterans Day weekend.

So many of us know someone, a family member or even just a friend, who has sacrificed so much in defense and support of our country.  And oh are there many places in our country that need supporting right now!  Just like so many National Guard troops helping out in the Northeast, we feel that we can make a difference too.  So in true Chuck’s fashion, beginning on Tuesday we will be selling autographed Betty Boop bobble heads (Chuck’s signature) and neighbor-made beaded jewelry, with 100% of the proceeds going towards the Red Cross who is continuing to support those victims of Hurricane Sandy on the east coast.

In less somber news:

  • Eternally Gluten-free – This Wednesday night between 6pm and 8pm Southern Portland’s Harvester Brewing will be stopping by to sample out four of their exclusively gluten-free beers and will be raising money for an incredibly good cause.  You see, North Seattle’s own Dominick Cura was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2009 at the age of 9.  This essentially meant that he would not be eating food containing gluten for the rest of his life.  No cake, no cookies.  Not being one to back down from a challenge, he decided to roll with it and ended up publishing a cook book titled Eternally Gluten-Free, and creating a blog under the same name.

    He will be at Chuck’s Hop Shop this Wednesday raising funds to include his book in care packages that the University of Chicago sends out to those newly diagnosed with Celiac disease, in the hopes that others might be better prepared to cope with their new lifestyle.

    Roughly every $5 donated will be enough to put a single cookbook into the care packages, and will also earn you an entry into a drawing for cool prizes like gift certificates to Razzi’s Pizzeria, whom offer a completely gluten-free menu.  And keeping with the theme, Urban Nomad will be catering with a variety of gluten-free pasta dishes.  Be sure to come by!

  • The Perfect Crime – We just received a limited quantity of beers from the Belgian brewers at Scheldebrouwerij: their Hollow Point Quad and Smoking Gun Smoke Stout.  Both clock in at a hearty 10%, but you wouldn’t know it from the taste.  We might also have a case of Hair of the Dog’s Michaelalthough if you are just now reading this it is very likely all gone.

  • Food Trucks on Tuesdays? – People have said it couldn’t be done.  Well by gum by golly we’re going to try anyway!  Our recent friends at Haitian food truck Boungu Kenken will be trying out a Tuesday evening 4pm-9pm dinner slot.  If it works, everyone can look forward to likely week-long food truck rotations.  If it doesn’t…well…back to the Stone Age we go!

See you soon!


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