This Week at Chuck’s, November 5th

The leaves may be gone, but the good beer just keeps on coming, hop shoppers!

We don’t normally focus much on imports here at the Shop but we  just began carrying two awesome beers from across the ponds.  From the far east, Kiuchi Brewery’s Hitachino Nest White Ale impressed us with its incredibly light yet robustly spiced and yeasty take on wit-beers.   And from the far west, the Kosacken Russian Imperial Stout from award-winning Swedish brewery Hantverksbryggeriet AB warmed us up with it’s creamy pitch black sheen and big chocolate and coffee notes.  At only 7.5% abv, however, it is a much more mellow take on the style than typical American vareties like North Coast’s 9% abv Old Rasputin.

In other news…it is election week!  Whether you are rooting for Obama or holding out for McKenna, eagerly awaiting the passage of I-74 or cautiously optimistic about I-502, make sure to come by Chuck’s for an election night watching party.  For fun we’ll be pitting the two Presidential nominees head-to-head in a beer selling contest of epic proportions.  Since that’s a Tuesday, we won’t be having a Wednesday night event this week–but don’t worry, Wednesday night events will begin again on November 14th when we have a full-blown Gluten-Free Good Cause Beer Tasting.

On to our highlights:

  • Vote with Your Pint! – Don’t sit at home watching CNN as the vote tallies add up.  Be an engaged citizen, and come down to Chuck’s!  We’ll be featuring two beers to represent the Presidential Candidates at a low price, and will be counting up the votes as our citizenry drink up.  Buy a pint of Samuel Adam’s Winter Lager?  One vote for Boston’s ex-Governor Romney.  Sipping on a mug of Kona’s Longboard Lager?  Chock one up for Obama.  The pint’s will be tasty, and our ‘Beeresidential’ Election results (thank’s Ava) will be posted for everyone to see.  May the best man, or beer, win!
  • Hang on to your Falafels, kid. – The Jerk Station will continue to be gone this coming Saturday, but in their place we’ll be featuring a new face; James at Hallava Falafel.  They will be substituting in the evening, delivering a Russo-Turkic flair to our typical Saturday nights.  Expect to see many falafels, shawarmas, and french-fries.
  • Where Ya At, Sat. – Due to the wonderful reception that the Seattle Biscuit Co. has had on Sunday afternoons, we’ve decided our Saturdays deserved a little love too!  From 11-2pm or so, you’ll be able to get New Orleans style Po-Boys, red beans & rice, corn bread, and much more from the highly praised chefs at Where Ya At Matt.  Don’t miss it!
  • A Taste of Kent – Another day, another delightful IPA from a recent Northwest Brewery.  This time, Airways Brewing from Kent.  If you find yourself hankering for a new hop vessel and haven’t had a chance to try out their Sky Hag IPA yet, do it.  As described on their website, Sky Hag is “as bitter as the women it represents, featuring an impressive 99 IBUs and 7.8 percent ABV.”  YOWZA!  We at the Shop just had it on tap, loved it, and now we’ve got it in bombers.  Enjoy!

Until next time!


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