This Week at Chuck’s, October 29th

Halloween approaches hop shoppers, although I’m sure that didn’t keep some of you from celebrating early.  If your brain isn’t too dazzled from what went on this past weekend, then read on!

The Pumpkin Beer onslaught continues, with our taplist still dominated by these spicy brews.  Many have fallen already, like Midnight Sun’s The TREAT, but others like Fort George’s Drunkin Pumpkin and Rogue’s Chatoe Pumpkin Patch Ale press on.  It’s up to you guys whether we can taper these off in time for the next beer invasion–Sours!  We will make a post when and if it will occur this week or the next.

In other news:

  • Trick-or-Treat at Chuck’s – We know you could go anywhere and get a beer on Halloween this Wednesday.  Or maybe just stick to that cool neighborhood when you are taking your children out for candy.  But get real.  It’s 2012.  Why would you do either of those when you could come to Chuck’s and have your future told by a fortune teller for $5?  That’s right.  Time to find out if you really are getting that raise.  And as for the kids?  Any in costume get a free kids-scoop of ice cream just for walking in the door.  Only at Chuck’s.
  • World Brews are here – We are now carrying two new beer brands from all-inclusive beer supplier World Brews:  Tap Room no. 21 and Four in Hand brews.  Try the Tap Room no. 21 Pale Ale if you are in need of a smooth, inoffensive beer for the game, and the Four in Hand IPA or River Card Wheat, if you want to try two Silver-medal award winners from this year’s Great American Beer Festival.
  • Arcade Follies – All of you folks (and co-workers) grinding out a high-score at the new arcade machine at the store deserve an apology.  There was a misunderstanding here at the Shop that was causing the machine to be turned off every night, erasing the scoreboards for each game.  No more!  As a display of gratitude to the positive responses we’ve received so far (and the $35 it has raised for the Greenwood Food Bank), we’re going to be putting the machine on ‘FREE-PLAY’ until Halloween.  Consider this an opportunity to practice at your favorite 80s game, or to try it out if you thought the 25 cent fee was too high.  Scores will be reset come November 1st.

Happy Halloween!


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