Pumpkin Beer Invasion intelligence briefing

We’ve received word that some of you guys want to know exactly what’s going on tap Thursday morning.  In other words, what we’re all up against.  From our limited intelligence gathering, we’ve come up with a brief list of the force composition of the great Pumpkin Beer Invasion:

Beer Valley – Jackalope
Bridgeport – Witch Hunt
Dogfish Head’s – Punk’n
Elysian – Great Pumpkin
Elysian – Dark o’ the Moon
Elysian – Night Owl
Elysian – Hop Squash
Ft. George – Drunken Pumpkin
Howe Sound – Pumpkin Eater
Laurelwood – Pumpkin ale
Naked City – Pumpkin ale
Rogue – Pumpkin Patch Ale
Sam Adams – Pumpkin ale
Shipyard – Smashed Pumpkin
Southern Tier – Pumpking
Two Beers – Pumpkin Spice
Uinta – Punk’n
Woodchuck – Pumpkin Cider

Great Scott!  That’s a total of 18 pumpkin beers and a pumpkin cider!  Tell your friends, because we’re going to need some back-up if we’re going to kill these all off by Halloween.  If we can’t stand our ground here, who knows where they might strike next!

Hop Shop Command Central


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