This Week at Chuck’s, October 22nd

Good Afternoon Hop Shoppers.  How was the pumpkin beer over at Elysian?

What?  You weren’t able to make it to the pumpkin festival?  That’s a shame.
Or is it!?  This week at the shop we’re going to begin trying something different called Beer Invasions.  You may have caught a glimpse of how many kegs we store in the back.  For those that don’t know–there are a lot.  And it’s not all just for eye-candy!  With these invasions we intend to load-up our tap list with a certain style of beer every other week on Thursdays.  And this week will be our ode to the pumpkin.

In other news, we just received a large swathe of the line-up from globe-trotting gypsy brewery Evil Twin.  Each of these finely crafted brews, from their highly drinkable Pale Ale Hipster (it comes in a can, duh) to their highly flavorful Smoked Pilsner The Cowboy, are made in a different host brewery from around the world.  Don’t be surprised to see one bottle from South Carolina next to another from Denmark.

So what else is going on?

  • Support Local Parks! – Nobody wants a run-down lot of dirt for a neighborhood park.  That’s why we’re hosting a Good Cause Beer Tasting with the Friends of Kirke Park, formerly known as the 9th Ave NW Park, and Northwest Brewing Co., formerly known as Trade Route Brewery.  The benefit goes towards trying to fund a new trellis as well as other improvements on the land, and we hear that Northwest Brewing is hoping to test out a new Imperial IPA at this event!  Greg Bye the Pizza Guy will be catering.
  • The Pumpkins are coming! – For our first beer invasion we’re going to unload at least eight or nine excellent pumpkin beers on the taplist all at once!  We’ve been saving up for a while, so don’t fret if you thought your favorite one would not come back.  And who knows, you might find a couple you had missed!  We’re hoping this Pumpkin strike force can be defeated by the end of Halloween, but we’ll definitely need your help.  Bring your growlers!
  • Haitian. Food. Truck. –  Do they even need an introduction?  Our friends at the Crepe Truck will be busy for the next two weeks so in their stead we’ve invited the newest food truck to Greenwood, Boungu Kenken.  They specialize in Haitian cuisine and have gotten terrific reviews so far.  Bring cash, as they do not accept credit yet.

See you at the taps!


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