This Week At Chuck’s, October 15th

Welcome back to Seattle, hop shoppers.

We had a nice vacation but now it is time to get inside and warm up!  Remember those pumpkin beers that have been out for what seems like all year?  It’s time to try some that are a bit…darker.  That’s right, Midnight Sun’s The TREAT and Oakshire’s Big Black Jack are here, two imperial chocolate pumpkin porters to roast with next to an open fire.  Or if you prefer to have a little more wood in your flame, Uinta’s Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale might be right up your alley.

Haven’t tried all those other pumpkin beers yet?  We’re now selling handmade six-bottle variety packs for $10.99.  Get’em while they last.

Without further ado, here is what’s happening at the Hop Shop this week:

  • Neighbor-made BBQ – We at Chuck’s like to support our neighbors.  After all, without them we would have no parking!  This Wednesday marks the first in what hopefully will be an ongoing series of Entrepreneur Nights at the store, with Greenwood’s own Pia showing off her numerous homemade sauces.  She will be at the store on Wednesday giving out pieces of beer brats and pulled pork or roasted chicken alongside such delicacies as Soc It To Me Sake! and Smokin’ Cognac between 6pm and 8pm, and will also be handing $5 off coupons out for all of her products.  Don’t miss it!
  • Retrofied – Who says the 80s didn’t produce anything worthwhile?  Later this week we will be installing an old cocktail-style arcade machine into the store that will run on…wait for it…quarters!  A lowly 25 cents will grant you a few tries with such classics as Defender (1980), Joust (1982),  Ghosts’n Goblins (1985), Gradius (1985), and Super Mario Bros (1986).  The buttons are set up for left or right handed play, and 25% of all proceeds will go towards the Greenwood Food Bank.
  • Holiday Ice Cream rotations – Our Full Tilt line-up will begin changing this week to offer up flavors with a tad more cheer.  Crusty Punk’n, a pumpkin pie ice cream with pie crust, and Zombie Food, a sweet and somewhat crimson ice cream full of mushy bits, are the first and now available at the store.  On the way are tasty items like Hoppy Holidays, Hallow’s Eve, and Thanksgiving Cranberry Crunch.  We’ll leave their specifics to your imagination.

The food truck rotation should be back to normal this week, with the Crepe Truck and Grilled Cheese Experience returning to their Thursday and Friday evening spots.  Also ongoing is Mac n’ Manny’s Mondays, featuring $3 pints and $9 growlers of these two classic brews.  See you soon!


One Response to “This Week At Chuck’s, October 15th”

  1. Chris Says:

    Chuck’s is my new favorite destination for buying and consuming beer. Completely unpretentious and always welcoming, there is no reason to look elsewhere for you beverage needs. The food trucks are a nice plus as well.

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