This Week at Chuck’s, October 1st

Hello hello hop shoppers!

Just a reminder that today is Mac & Manny’s Monday, where we feature $3 pints and $9 Growler fills.  If you or your honey are addicted to Mac & Jack or Manny’s, definitely stop by and grab them something to go.
They’ll thank you later.

This week’s highlights are:

  • Prost! – This marks the last week that can technically be called Oktoberfest, so we’re doing our part to help it go out with a bang!  This Wednesday we’ll be featuring a number of Oktoberfest beers on tap and having a deal where you can buy a stein and have it filled with an Oktoberfest lager for $7.  It’s a fun way to add something just a tad more sturdy to your glass collection.
  • Tubba-tub-tub – In our Full Tilt ice cream section, we’re phasing out our Summer seasonal flavors in favor of some that are a bit more…appropriate.  Look for some killer flavors like Zombie Brain Matter, Hoppy Holidays, and and one that’s on right now, Crusty Punk’n.  If you like pumpkin pie and pie crust, you HAVE to give this one a go!
    Even Chuck himself thought it was addicting!
  • Eight down, Eight to go – In case you were not aware, we finally have our taps back up to their normal thirty.  Eight more are on the way and should be ready within the next week or so, along with another TV and revised tap-list locations.  And actual cable.  You know, the one with sports and all that?  Our internet speed got a bump too.  Make sure to stop by and see the store before it changes again, it is never too far off!

Until next time!


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