This Week at Chuck’s, September 24th

Good morning Greenwood!

Looks like this might be our last week of good weather, so it’s definitely time to double-down on that last hiking trip before its too late!  To that end we’ll be featuring canned-beer extraordinaires Two Beers for our Wednesday tasting, but we also highly encourage folks to try some other local canned brews like Fremont’s Harvest Ale and Hilliard’s Amber.  Just remember: “Pack it in. Pack it out.

Also, the kegerators are taking slightly longer than anticipated to set up.  We’ll update this blog as more news comes in.

Otherwise, here is your weekly dose of news from Chuck’s:

  • Taste the Canned Life. – Two Beers is here!  Yeah, yeah, they were here this past May, but this time they are bringing some back-up.  Instead of just their normal line-up, they will be showing off both their Pumpkin Spice and Fresh Hop IPA seasonals.  The event starts this Wednesday at 6pm and ends at 8pm.  Greg Bye at Streetzeria will be catering.
  • But…this is also a Good Cause Beer Tasting right? – Yes, and what a good cause!  Ben Katt will be here representing the Aurora Commons, an awesome organization that has been promoting community along the often neglected Aurora Ave for over a year now.  They have amassed a war-chest of raffling prizes from the community, like gift certificates for local favorites Razzi’s Pizza and Mr. Gyros, a Ukelele from the Guitar Store, and a “one-of-a-king longboard” from the Motion Boardshop.  Plan on donating upwards of $25 if you want to try to win some of these bad boys!  Again, the event will begin this Wednesday at 6pm and end at 8pm.
  • Mac & Manny’s Mondays starts…today! – We’ll be featuring both of these guys on tap on Mondays only and with $9 growler fills.  For the rest of ya’s…there are always the other 20 taps.

This Wednesday will be a lot of fun, make sure to stop by if you can!


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