This Week at Chuck’s, September 10th

Happy Autumn hop shoppers!  It looks like the weather is finally cooling down in Greenwood, but fortunately for us, the good beer just keeps coming.  Or cider in this week’s case.  Oh, you didn’t hear?

September 8th-16th is Washington Cider Week!

To celebrate we’re inviting a few members of the Northwest Cider Association to Chuck’s this Wednesday, headed up by our good friend Philippe at Alpenfire Ciders.  Be sure to stop in that night and say hi!

In other news, we know everyone has been bummed lately about the kegerator situation.  To make it up to the fans, Chuck decided to get two more to replace the broken one.  Two.  That’s Green Flash logic if I’ve ever heard it!  Look in the future for the possibility of 36+ taps.

Here is what else you can look forward to this week:

  • Obey the Scrumpy! – This Wednesday between 6pm to 8pm we will be hosting a Northwest Cider Association tasting and fundraiser.  Expect to try such hot items as local organic 9% abv cider, hoppy ciders from Oregon, and a cyser (a mead/cider combo).  Streetzeria will be doing the catering in the ‘lot.  Afterwards, make sure to grab a bottle of Tieton, Finnriver, or Alpenfire and support our local ciders!
  • Food Truck Musical Chairs – Our friendly neighborhood food trucks will be moving around a little bit.  In the coming weeks look for Pizza on Wednesdays, Crepes on Thursdays, Grilled Cheese on Fridays, and Jamaican Jerk on Saturdays.  As usual, if you have any food truck recommendations, feel free to comment here or email us at
  • Alaska Brews – We have just recently added a line-up of bombers from Kassik’s Brewery out of the tiny city of Kenai, AK.  If you are in the mood for something new from the last frontier, make sure to try some of their far-out Alaskan barley-pops like Beaver Tail Blonde, Morning Wood IPA, and soon-to-come Silver Medal award-winner Moose-Point Porter.  We also still have a few bottles of Fremont’s The Lamb.  And we literally mean  few.

Until next time!


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