This Week at Chucks, September 3rd

It’s been a tough week hop shoppers.  First, one of our beer coolers got hauled off while we waited for a new one.  The chilled wine has been in exile ever since.  Then, our beat-up converted kegerator exhaled its last chilly breath.  We are now down to a meager 22 taps!  Finally, one of our food truck allies had car trouble and was unable to make it two days in a row.  Our bellies are growling in anguish.

Fortunately, we at Chuck’s are made of tougher stuff.  At least that’s what we thought after a few pints of Maiden the Shade.  We are using this opportunity to buy more coolers, another two kegerators, and get more food trucks to the masses.  Stay tuned for more details.

Here is what you can look forward to this week:

  • Holy Crayola Batman! – This week marks our first steps toward have a dedicated cabinet for kid friendly entertainment.  Crayons, coloring books, and boardgames (for those of us young at heart) are now available.  No more pen-and-printer-paper required to sit down and enjoy a pint!
  • T-Shirts-a-million – Our t-shirt section is almost fully stocked with a plethora of colors.  If anything is missing or you have any special requests, feel free to write down what you need in our new Request Box near the front of the store.  Hoodies soon to come.
  • 3-2-1 Fall is HERE – Next week starts the beginning of a new Season of Wednesday Tastings here at Chuck’s.  Look forward to cider-mead being on tap, having your fortune told, and tasting a little bit of Jewish cuisine in the coming weeks.  We’ll be taking a break this week in anticipation.
  • New Beers – In case you haven’t made it around to the store lately, AleSmith brews have finally arrived from sunny San Diego.  Watch for their wicked IPA and Stout, both of which are in high demand.  Also, New Belgium and Alpine have collaborated to make the illustrious Super India Pale Ale.  Get ’em while they’re here!



Happy Hopping!


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