Ice Cream Profile: Ube

“What is an Ube?”

This is a question on many Hop Shoppers’ minds these days, and for good reason. We recently added Full Tilt’s ‘Ube’ flavored ice cream to our line-up of cold, sweet treats. So then, what’s an Ube anyway?

The ube (pronounced ‘Ooh-Bay’) is a purple yam from south-east Asia. The word ‘ube’ literally means purple and comes from our friends in the Philippines, who use it themselves in a variety of desserts. When thrown in with ice-cream, it imparts a moderate sweet cream flavor with hints of butter-scotch, and is ridiculously yummy! Due to its outlandish color, however, it has taken some time to catch on in the US.

So my fellow Americans, we at Chuck’s say, “don’t fear the Purple!
Come cool off with a scoop of Ube today!

Awesome photo of Full Tilt’s Ube from photographer Marc McClintock


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