Good Cause Beer Tasting, August 8th

We at Chuck’s would like to think we’re a community hub for the neighborhood. Young and old, folks from all walks of life, and most importantly, their families–everybody is welcome to have a scoop or share a pint. For this reason, we’re proud to be hosting non-profit WithinReach for this week’s Good Cause Beer Tasting, featuring beers from Snoqualmie Brewery.

WithinReach has been connecting families to health and nutritional resources for over twenty years, increasing the quality of life of the community as a whole. If you feel like this is an important cause, we hope you’ll take this opportunity to give a little back this Wednesday between 6-8pm.

Streetzeria will be by to provide pizza, and as always, we’ll provide the beer. See you then!



One Response to “Good Cause Beer Tasting, August 8th”

  1. Justin Says:

    Thanks for creating a great new neighborhood jewel. We love stopping in for ice cream and beer!

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