Good Cause Mead Tasting, August 1st

It’s that time of the week again.  So here is the story:

In the days of yore, almost everybody spent the sunny months outside farming. Or harvesting. Or just plain tending to their land. Everyone, that is, except VIKINGS.  Their land was awful. So they frequently went on voyages on their rare summer months to bring back stuff from abroad.

The problem? This mostly involved raiding and pillaging!
An exhausting way to make a living, for sure.

By the time winter arrived, these tired vikings had settled back into their long-houses to tell tales of their adventure, and they drank something special: MEAD.

So in celebration of North Seattle’s Scandinavian heritage, let’s gather together this Wednesday between 6 and 8pm, taste some Sky River mead, and raid and pillage our wallets to help those at the Greenwood Food Bank!


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