Want to help a non-profit?

Thanks to everyone so far who has donated or been involved with our Good Cause Beer Tastings on Wednesday nights, they have been a great success so far! Now we need YOU to help us out! Please message us if you have non-profit nominations and are willing to come on a Wednesday to help explain what the charity does. We currently need charities starting on the night of Feb 8, so please let us know if you can help!!

2 Responses to “Want to help a non-profit?”

  1. Janet St Clair Says:

    Thank you Chuck for you commitment and support to the community. I’m looking forward to the fundraiser on behalf of Asian Counseling and Referral Service next week!

  2. Molly Belozer Firth Says:

    I’m on the Board of a local non-profit, WithinReach, and would love to come with a staff member to help host a night in the coming months. The organization helps connect low-income families with essential resources, including health care and food.

    We live very close and LOVE having you so close!

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