Sour Beer Tasting – July 27th from 7PM to 8PM

Sour Beer Tasting on Wed, July 27th from 7PM to 8PM. Reserved Seat only with 20 people. Featuring 20 years old Rodenboch, Rodenboch on Tap, Red Poppy from Lost Abbey, Russian River Supplication, Cascade Brewing’s Kriek, Lips of Faith Lafollie and Bourgogne Des Flandres. Serving 3 oz of each, (2.5oz for the 20 years old Rodenbach.) Reserve a seat by sending email. $25.00 per person.



2 Responses to “Sour Beer Tasting – July 27th from 7PM to 8PM”

  1. Joe M. Says:

    Hey there,
    I was there this past weekend, with a few friends, drinking the Cascade NW Style Sour. I’m very disappointed that I don’t live in the Seattle area as I’m going to miss this sour tasting. Needless to say, you guys are the best. THE BEST. I sell wine and beer for work, occasionally blog about the subjuect, and all I can say is that you’re doing it right. I very much look forward to a return visit.


  2. Lara S. Says:

    woops totally missed this, but I have tasted all of the ones in the photo and looooove them! sour beer is the ONLY beer I like.

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